The Austin Gypsophila Simulation Green Plant,
Flower language:In love with your brilliance, but you gave me a long confession of love. Escape the noise and haze, go home to embrace the quiet and fresh, waiting for the sun to ask you well after the new bloom.
More than hundreds of exquisite flowers, loose scattered together, like a few stars.
The flowers are made of silk cloth, layers of fine work, showing the quiet beauty of the craft.
Suitable for weddings, home decor, bookstores, cafes, clothing stores, art rooms, offices, shops, homes, gardens and a wide variety of occasion decor.

Material: Plastic
Size: About 22cm in length and 9.5cm in width
Color: White
Quantity: 1* Simulation full star



1 Bundle Artificial Gypsophila Imitation Flowers Plastic Baby Breath Bouquets


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